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World Bank Reaffirms Commitment to Gambia’s Energy Sector

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The World Bank has reaffirmed its commitment to give additional support to The Gambia’s National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) in order to develop the country’s energy sector.

The Gambia experienced a severe energy and water shortage in 2016 and 2017 following the post-presidential elections constitutional crisis. The World Bank stepped in and provided NAWEC with a new generator worth $2.1 million. In 2018, the generator was installed at Brikama Power Plant.

NAWEC also received 1.2 million Euros from the world’s largest financial institution for the restoration of the G-7 generator at Brikama and the G-8 generator at Kotu Power Station, both of which are targeted at enhancing the country’s power supply.

The World Bank sub-regional director, Nathan M. Belete extended his gratitude to The Gambia’s government for the project’s efficient implementation, stressing the WB’s continued support for the government’s efforts to provide the country with clean energy.

“The World Bank is very proud of our relationship with NAWEC and the engagement we had on the energy sector in the Gambia for the last many years. We are proud because we believe the government has now undertaken some very important and critical refunds, and these refunds are going to ensure better quality services to the country at more affordable prices,” he said.

Nani Juwara, the managing director of NAWEC said the project is vital in improving Gambians’ livelihood.

“As a government, we consider electricity as fundamental human rights for all. We want to make sure every Gambian has access to energy. Having access to energy would help to change the lives of our people,” he said.

He thanked the World Bank sub-regional director and his team in The Gambia for their support of NAWEC, and promised that his office would continue to work with them.

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Jasser Hammami

Jasser Hammami