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Woodside Energy Confirms Participation at MSGBC Oil, Gas & Power 2021

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Energy Capital & Power (ECP) is pleased to announce that Woodside Energy Senegal Country Manager Andy Demetriou will participate at the MSGBC Oil, Gas, & Power 2021 Conference and Exhibition taking place in Dakar, Senegal from 16-17 December.

Australia’s Woodside Energy is playing a major role in developing the offshore block of the SANGOMAR project. The SANGOMAR field, containing both oil and gas, is located 100 kilometers south of Dakar.  Demetriou will provide a detailed overview of the latest developments at the SANGOMAR project, which is scheduled to be Senegal’s first offshore oil development and will begin production over the course of 2023.

“I believe that having the participation of Andy Demetriou, as panellist and VIP speaker from Woodside Energy will be a particularly valuable addition to MSBGC Oil, Gas & Power 2021, given that SANGOMAR is set to be the very first offshore oil and gas produced in Senegal, whose upcoming production is set to transform the country’s energy landscape,” Sandra Jeque, Energy Capital & Power’s International Conference Director for MSGBC, Oil, Gas & Power 2021 stated.

In response to sub-Saharan Africa’s growing demand for new oil and natural gas, and renewable energy projects, and increasing interest by international stakeholders to invest, develop, and succeed on the continent, Energy Capital & Power will hold the MSGBC Oil, Gas, & Power 2021 conference and exhibition during December 2021. Focused on enhancing regional partnerships, spurring investment and development in the oil, natural gas and power sectors, the conference will unite regional international stakeholders with African opportunities, serving as a growth-oriented platform for Africa’s energy sector.

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