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The Pathway to Grid Stability, Increased Capacity and a Diversified Angolan Economy

Maintaining a reliable power grid remains key to containing the spread of COVID-19 in Angola and on the continent, along with mitigating its aftermath. In addition to powering hospitals and emergency health care facilities, electricity is essential to driving diversified, sustainable and inclusive economic growth by supplying power to households, businesses and industry. In the short-term, how can Angola maintain grid stability in the face of volatile electricity demand induced by COVID-19? In the long-term, how can Angola continue to prioritize its development of national generation and transmission capacities, with a view toward increasing electrification, job creation and economic growth? In the current period of reduced FDI, how can Angola continue to attract capital inflows into its most bankable power projects?

Maria da Cruz, President & CEO, U.S.-Angola Chamber of Commerce
Paul Ghiotto, Deputy Political-Economic Chief/Energy Officer Political-Economic Section Power Africa, U.S. Embassy Luanda
Frederico Martins Correia, Energy, Resources & Industrials Partner, Deloitte

Verner Ayukegba, Senior Vice President, African Energy Chamber
Grace Goodrich, Field Editor, Africa Oil & Power

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