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Investment and Trade for Africa’s Economic Development

With German visibility and participation on the rise in Africa’s energy industry, the Germany-Africa Business Forum (GABF) will host its second instalment of its Germany-Africa cooperation focused webinar series.

The webinar will facilitate the discussion on how FDI can sustainably strengthen the development of the African continent on September 23rd at 15:30 CET. Anchored by the topic Investment and Trade for Africa’s Economic Development, the webinar will highlight key efforts to mobilise German funding for African energy markets as a means to advance the German-African cooperation which can already be seen in Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Senegal and recently, through the expression of interest by German investors in the DRC’s Inga III Dam.

Sebastian Wagner, Executive Chair of the Germany Africa Business Forum
Eleni Giokos, Correspondent, CNN

H.E. Günter Nooke, Africa Envoy to Chancellor Merkel
NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber
Rene Awambeng, Global Head Client Relationship at the African Export-Import Bank

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