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Sudan Records Highest Gold Production in 2022

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Sudan’s state mining services company, the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company, announced the production of over 18 tons of gold in 2022, marking a record-breaking year in the history of the East African country’s mineral sector.

According to a statement by the General Administration for Supervision and Control of Production Companies, the total amount of gold produced in Sudan in 2022 amounted to 18 tons and 637 Kg, marking an increase of one ton and 611 Kg compared to the country’s previously recorded highest production period in 2019. Sudan serves as the tenth largest gold producer in the world, with most of its gold derived from the Hassai Gold Mine, situated in the northeast of the country, approximately 50 km from Khartoum.

The ranking is despite the underdevelopment of much of the country’s mineral reserves,

New investment laws designed to attract foreign capital and strong government support for the development of the country’s mining sector have positioned Sudan as an emerging global economy.

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Matthew Goosen

Matthew Goosen

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