Jamal S. Peter Monduku

Founder and President of South Sudanese Geologists of Petroleum Association (SSGPA), South Sudan

Jamal S. Peter Monduku Biography

Jamal S. Peter Monduku, is a Bsc holder in Geology and Mining from University of Juba in 2010. He worked for Japan Emergency NGO (JEN) in construction services. His journey in oil and gas started since 2011 with Schlumberger Oilfield Services, specialising in Reservoir Characterization, in different countries; Sudan, Egypt, India, Oman & Iraq. He joined Nile Petroleum Corporation in 2016 as Section Head for Studies and Reservoir Characterization. He is the founder & the president of South Sudanese Geologists of Petroleum Association (SSGPA), engaging in developing technical capabilities of young Geoscientists and Engineers through knowledge sharing & education program in E&P Lecturing.

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