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South African Breweries, Bio2Watt Sign Waste-to-Energy Deal

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South African Breweries (SAB) is expanding its renewable energy adoption through a recently signed power purchase agreement (PPA) with industrial scale biogas waste-to-energy company Bio2Watt.
The PPA will see renewable energy derived from Bio2Watt’s Cape Dairy Biogas Plant – a 4.8MW commercial biogas plant situated on one of South Africa’s largest dairy farms, Vyvlei Dairy Farm. The plant – which is still under construction – will utilize waste collected from the over 7,000 cows residing at the farm, as well as other waste from the surrounding region.

Utilizing waste-to-energy will enable SAB to significantly reduce carbon emissions through renewable energy adoption, with the company serving as an example for other South African industries looking at improving electricity security and meeting climate goals.

“We have made a global commitment to exploring renewables to reduce carbon emissions and reach 100% contracted renewable electricity by 2025,” stated Kyle Day, Procurement Director for Africa, SAB, adding that, “We also believe we have a duty to ease the pressure on the national grid. Through this partnership, we are proud to progress on both fronts as we make our way to a cleaner, greener and more self-sustainable future.”

SAB has already made significant progress to meet carbon emission targets with the deployment of solar at all SAB breweries across the country. Now, with the PPA, the company is well on its way to achieve 100% purchased renewable electricity at all of its manufacturing sites in Africa by 2025.

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Charné Hollands

Charné Hollands

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