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South Africa’s Largest Energy Storage System Deployed by Ambri

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South African independent renewable energy company, Earth & Wire has placed an order with U.S.-based energy storage provider, Ambri, for a 300MW, 1,200MW battery system for the company’s combined wind and solar facility in the Eastern Cape.

The long-duration energy storage system represents the largest ever deployed in South Africa, with first delivery of the batteries expected in Q2, 2024, and installation completion expected in 2026.

The energy storage facility itself, which has the potential to generate an estimated 700MW of wind and 600MW of solar, will be key for addressing South Africa’s current energy crisis.

Now, with the deployment of the battery storage system, the company will be able to manage fluctuations in supply, ensuring the consistent delivery of renewable energy to the country’s national grid.

“Our companies share a mission of accelerating the decarbonization of grids and enabling consumers to meet their energy needs from renewable resources. As South Africa works to address its current energy challenges, this partnership – and our technology more broadly – will help Earth & Wire and other renewable energy providers solve long-standing operational challenges and stabilize their nation’s energy grids.” Said Chief Commercial Officer at Ambri, Adam Briggs.

“As we’ve continued to develop, construct, grow and sell our pipeline of renewable energy projects across South Africa, we’ve been looking for the right partner to meet the challenges of storing the excess energy we generate and providing our customers with a full-spectrum, 24-hour source of electricity. Ambri is that partner,” stated Business Development Executive at Earth & Wire, Thomas Garner, adding that, “Ambri’s technology is an ideal answer to meet this challenge, and we look forward to utilizing their battery system to provide affordable, reliable clean energy to all Southern Africans, from all walks of life.”

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Keletso Moilwe

Keletso Moilwe

Keletso Moilwe is a Content Intern at Energy Capital & Power. She holds an Honours Degree is Geography and Environmental studies and is currently pursuing her Masters Degree at the University of Cape Town.