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South Africa to Deploy 3 GW Gas-Fired Power Amid Energy Deficit

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South Africa is accelerating the deployment of up to 3 GW of gas-fired power generation capacity amid efforts to address the country’s ongoing electricity crisis.

Currently at the procurement stage, the project pipeline includes a 2 GW mobile facility as well as a 1 GW gas-to-power plant located near Coega in the Eastern Cape province.

Speaking during a press briefing last week, South Africa’s Minister of Electricity Kgosientsho Ramakgopa stated that the 3 GW of planned gas-powered capacity will help plug the energy deficit.

Over 6 GW of new power generation capacity is required to alleviate the energy crisis, and according to Minister Ramakgopa, “One of the things’ receiving priority is around the 3,000 MW of gas. As you know gas, from an emissions standpoint, is a step down compared to coal, so it’s important we accelerate that.”

In addition to gas-based power generation, South Africa is progressing with plans to extend the lifecycle of the country’s sole nuclear power plant, the 1.94 GW Koeberg facility. Initially scheduled for shutdown in 2024, the Government is assessing the extension of the 40-year-old facility by an additional 20 years.  

These efforts, in conjunction with a 5.5 GW renewable energy pipeline expected to come online by 2026, aim to significantly improve the country’s domestic power generation capacity, reducing costs and imports while strengthening economic stability.

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Nicholas Nhede

Nicholas Nhede

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