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Senegal to Reduce Electricity Costs by 2025

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Electricity costs in Senegal are expected to gradually decline by 2025, according to the country’s Regulatory Commission for the Electricity Sector (CRSE), as the Government seeks to capitalize on emerging oil and gas exploration activities.

The announcement was made during the ceremony of the second public consultation on the revision of electricity pricing conditions for 2020-2022. Amadou Ibrahima Sarr, President of the CRSE, stated that electricity costs will be dramatically lowered by utilizing gas resources for electricity generation and diversifying the national energy mix through the construction of solar power plants.

“With the discovery of oil and gas, Senegal’s national electricity company, Senelec, is anticipating converting most of its power plants to gas,” said Sarr. “This means that by 2024, we can indeed expect a drop in electricity costs.”

The Government has identified existing challenges regarding expanding electricity access, in which the implementation of a transparent tariff determination process can initiate more productive developments within the sector.

“This is why this moment of consultation constitutes an opportunity for the CRSE to lead discussions, together with all actors within the sector,” added Sarr.

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