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Senegal Inaugurates e-Bus Fleet

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Senegal has launched an electric bus (e-bus) fleet as part of the country’s solar-powered Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network – an initiative that aims to enhance urban mobility. President Macky Sall inaugurated the fleet in Dakar on January 14, following three years of planning and construction.

The project features 121 fully electric buses supplied by the Chinese transport equipment company CRRC Corporation. The BRT system is designed to serve 300,000 passengers in Dakar, operating on 18.3 km of reserved and upgraded lanes with 23 strategically placed stops across 14 councils.

The implementation of the BRT network is expected to significantly reduce travel times, with journeys now taking 45 minutes instead of the previous 90 minutes for the same route. The relief from traffic congestion is not only a boon for the city’s 3.8 million residents but also aligns with the environmental objectives of the West African nation.

Developed by the French industrial group Meridiam, acting as the concession holder for the network, the Dakar BRT represents a sustainable alternative to diesel-powered transportation. The system is projected to curtail emissions by 59,000 tons of CO2 equivalent annually, demonstrating Senegal‘s commitment to environmentally friendly modes of transport.

The total investment for the project amounts to $500 million, with contributions from the World Bank, the European Investment Bank, and the Green Climate Fund.

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Anne Laure Klein

Anne Laure Klein

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