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LEES 2024: Saraya Oya Showcases Sustainable Solutions for Libya’s Energy Sector

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Saraya Oya, a prominent player in the energy sector, demonstrated its commitment to technological innovation and sustainable practices as a Gold Sponsor at the Libya Energy and Economic Summit (LEES) 2024 in Tripoli on January 13-14. The company’s CEO, Mohammed Gabaj, engaged in a discussion with Energy Capital & Power, shedding light on pivotal topics such as technology advancement, decarbonization initiatives, and investment opportunities within the Libyan energy sector.

Considering Libya’s oil and gas sector challenges and market dynamics, how does Saraya Oil drive technological change in the country?

With the National Oil Corporation (NOC) focused on maximizing production, we align our solutions with their goals. Our Electrical Submersible Twin Screw Pump (ESTSP) has received approval from Mellitah Oil & Gas, showcasing its effectiveness in enhancing well production. Saraya aims to solve age-old issues in Libya’s oil and gas sector by introducing modern, globally developed solutions. With Libya’s stabilized economy and a receptive NOC, there is a unique opportunity to implement and benefit from advanced technologies.

Are there any ongoing projects or collaborations between Saraya Oil and the National Oil Corporation?

We are actively working on presenting a comprehensive solution for flaring to the NOC. Our exclusive technology offers cost-effective alternatives, providing NOC with multiple options for addressing flaring challenges. The proposed solution can not only sustain fields but also produce valuable by-products like paraffin.

What significance does LEES 2024 hold for Saraya Oil?

The summit provides an opportunity for Saraya Oil to showcase solutions to challenges in Libya’s oil and gas sector. With a focus on reducing CO2 emissions and improving carbon footprints, our technologies, such as the GTL project and tube block, align with the government’s environmental goals

Do you have a message for potential investors?

Saraya Oil is open to collaboration and dialogue with investors. We have a range of innovative solutions and are actively engaging with entities like AOO and HOO. Our technologies aim to be both profitable and environmentally friendly, offering a unique opportunity for investors to contribute to sustainable development in Libya.

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Anne Laure Klein

Anne Laure Klein

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