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Angola Investment Report 2022

Angola Investment Report 2022 1

Energy Invest: Angola 2022 – in the wake of Angola’s anointment as sub-Saharan Africa’s largest oil producer – has officially been launched with a new look and multimedia components, arriving at a critical moment in the country’s burgeoning energy sector. A complete report on investing in the energy sector of Angola, the Angola Investment Report 2022 is the official platform to communicate the direction in which the country and its companies are headed.

Angola continues to provide great opportunities for international investors to develop energy projects that serve local and international energy demand. This book will clearly show Angola’s ambition and future plans as the largest oil producer on the continent and a global supplier of green hydrogen in the wake of the energy transition.

The dual-language publication will target key developments in Angola – namely, a heightened exploration drive; gas monetization initiatives; Angola’s new local content framework; stable production increases; renewable energy and green hydrogen; empowering women in energy; and the development of downstream industries.