Nigeria’s Energy Access Gap Successfully Reduced By the Country’s First Undergrid Mini-grid Project

Rocky Mountain Institute, Nayo Tropical Technology, and Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company recently collaborated to create Nigeria’s first commercial mini-grid project located in Mokoloki, a rural community in Ogun State.

With the support of the Nigerian Rural Electrification Agency, these organizations have adopted the undergrid mini-grid business model to provide the community with reliable and sustainable electricity at an affordable cost. This business model explores the creation of mini-grids in rural communities that are under the grid and therefore in need of greater access to power.

The Mokoloki mini-grid system has powered over 60 commercial and public enterprises to date, such as the local healthcare center, and has also provided electricity for 230 households, boosting the community’s private sector.

It is believed that if the Mokoloki mini-grid project model were to be replicated in other Nigerian communities in the future, the burden of the country’s energy access gap would be reduced and possibly even eliminated.

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