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Nigeria’s Edo Modular Refinery to Increase Production

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Image of Edo Modular Energy Refinery: Newspad

Nigeria’s Edo Modular Energy refinery is set to increase crude oil production from 6,000 barrels per day (bpd) to 60,000 bpd. The project is being developed by two Chinese firms; AIPCC Energy Limited and the Peiyang Chemical Equipment Company Limited.

Operations are expected to commence between September and mid-October. The first phase will produce 1,000 bpd, while the second phase will produce 6,000 bpd; with a long-term goal of producing 60,000 bpd. 

Phase one – which is almost complete – will target a production ratio comprising 55% diesel, 38% fuel oil and less than 10% naphtha. 

“Some of the products will be exported to boost foreign exchange earnings and by the time we extend it into different phases. We would be able to take care of more than 80% of diesel requirement in Nigeria. That is the vision we have for the next five years,” says Segun Okeni – AIPCC Energy Limited Head of Quality, Health and Safety/Community Relations.

The investment will benefit the Edo people through job creation, increased revenue and ease of pressure on other refineries. 

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