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Niger to Export Oil to Benin via Pipeline Next Month

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Niger has announced that it will begin exporting its crude oil through the newly constructed Niger-Benin pipeline in January 2024.

The pipeline, which was inaugurated last November, establishes a crucial link between Niger’s Agadem oilfield and Benin’s Port of Cotonou.

Niger anticipates the export of 90,000 barrels per day (bpd) through the pipeline to Benin, earning export revenues on approximately one-quarter of the total volume. Currently, Niger operates a modest oil refinery with a capacity of 20,000 bpd that primarily caters to the domestic fuel market.

Following four billion dollars invested to develop the Agadem Complex – operated by China National Oil and Gas Exploration and Development – Niger’s production has reached 110,000 bpd, which it hopes to translate into new revenue streams.

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Thaakira Samodien

Thaakira Samodien

Thaakira Samodien is a strategic content writer at Energy Capital and Power. She has a shared passion for writing and is an advocate for the growth and development of African Nations