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Namibia to Receive $45.7 Million from German Government for Green Hydrogen

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Namibia is set to receive $45.7 million from the German government to support green hydrogen research and the recently formed Green Hydrogen Council (GHC) of Namibia.

The announcement came during the handover of the country’s second Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP II) Q1 report on 3 August, which seeks to boost productivity, offer economic advancement, and develop infrastructure through $1.8 of investment into the country’s green hydrogen and ammonium sectors.

Namibia’s National Planning Commissioner and chairperson of the GHC, Obeth Kandjoze, noted during the announcement that green hydrogen energy is a key fuel source to supporting carbon neutral industries, with preliminary estimates indicating that Namibia has an annual production potential of over 2.7 million tons, which is expected to draw over $6 billion in foreign direct investment and produce annual revenues of more than $800 million for the country.

“When combined with its access to seaports and vast open land, Namibia is ranked as one of the best countries in the world to produce GH&A,” Kandjoze stated during the announcement, adding, “Namibia is thus strategically positioned to benefit from a significant inflow of foreign direct investment and has a great opportunity to foster the establishment of a new industry.”

Investment into green hydrogen in the country is expected to place Namibia at the forefront of the industry in the southern-African region, which will see the development of research spearheaded by the University of Namibia and support from the Namibian government and international stakeholders.

Stefan Kauffman, Germany’s Green Hydrogen Commissioner, noted during the announcement the intent for the two countries to launch a Namibia-German Hydrogen Council in the coming weeks.

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Matthew Goosen

Matthew Goosen

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