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Namibia: Positive Signs from Galp’s Mopane-1X Well

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Galp. drilling rig

Portuguese multinational energy corporation Galp could be nearing a hydrocarbon discovery at its Mopane-1X exploration well in Namibia’s Orange Basin, according to a company report issued on Monday.

Galp currently holds two exploration licenses in Namibia’s offshore: PEL 82 in the Walvis Basin and PEL 83 in the Orange Basin. Last May, the company secured the Hercules semi-submersible rig for a two-well contract plus optional well testing in PEL 83, with drilling starting last November.

“The first well, Mopane-1X, indicates preliminary signs of hydrocarbon presence,” read a statement from the company. “Drilling and data acquisition campaigns are underway, making any conclusion premature before operations are completed and results assessed.”

If successful, the Mopane-1X well would represent the sixth discovery in Namibia in less than 24 months, following hydrocarbon discoveries by TotalEnergies in PEL 56 and Shell in PEL 39.

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Grace Goodrich

Grace Goodrich

Grace Goodrich is a Publications Editor at Energy Capital & Power, where she writes about the intersection of energy, policy and global finance in sub-Saharan Africa's fastest-growing economies. Grace produces our Africa Energy Series investment reports in Angola and Equatorial Guinea (2019), as well as co-authored African Energy Chamber: Road to Recovery (2021).