Namibia Issues Generation and Export License for 125 MW Solar Project

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Under the Modified Single Buyer (MSB) framework, the Namibian Electricity Control Board (ECB) has issued generation and export licenses for the 125MW Schonau Solar Energy project, set to be developed by renewable energy company Emesco

Located in Karasburg, the project will generate clean power for 25 years, exporting electricity to the region via the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP).

Pinehas Mutota, GM Economic Regulation of ECB, stated that “The ECB is pleased that the MSB model has gained momentum, it is our belief that the MSB will contribute to the government’s objectives for Namibia to become an energy exporter.”

Mutota, added that “The issuing of the generation and export licenses to Schonau and other players is an indication and commitment by the Namibian Government to assist in reducing the power deficit in the region,”

The granting of the license forms part of a wider objective by the region to incentivize independent power producers (IPP) to trade electricity via the SAPP, supported by Namibia’s MSB market structure. With the license, Emesco has become the first IPP to contribute to the SAPP grid under the MSB framework, ushering in a new era of IPP-led power supply in Southern Africa.

“The Schonau project is a major step towards Namibia becoming a net exporter of energy through harnessing its abundant solar resource. The project will add to a diversified energy mix, reduce costs and decarbonization in the SAPP. Emesco is developing its pipeline of similar sized projects to provide renewable energy to support the green hydrogen initiative in Namibia and further expansion in the SAPP region,” stated Pieter Rossouw, Commercial Director of Emesco, adding that “Emesco has developed a significant pipeline of projects that included solar, wind and storage technologies to be rolled out in Namibia with further expansion into the SADC region planned in the near future.”

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Charné Hollands

Charné Hollands

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