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Liberia Electricity Corporation Seeks Regional PPAs

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The Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) is pursuing partnerships with regional energy authorities to secure Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). As Liberia prepares for a dip in dam water levels during the approaching dry season, the goal of the PPAs is to counteract potential electricity shortages and preempt the need for load shedding.

Representatives from LEC, including COO Kwame Kpekpena and CFO Adam Sheriff, met with their counterparts in Ivory Coast and Guinea earlier this month, with discussions centering on potential terms of the PPAs and the pressing need for a stable electricity supply.

These proactive measures are a part of LEC’s commitment to forging strategic partnerships and enhancing the resilience of Liberia’s power infrastructure.

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Thaakira Samodien

Thaakira Samodien

Thaakira Samodien is a strategic content writer at Energy Capital and Power. She has a shared passion for writing and is an advocate for the growth and development of African Nations