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Introducing Astron Energy: Caltex Announces Rebranding

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Image: Astron Energy

Caltex, one of South Africa’s top five petroleum brands, has announced that it will rebrand itself under the new name Astron Energy, comprising one of the regional industry’s largest ever logistical undertakings.

The rebranding of over 850 Caltex-branded service stations in South Africa and Botswana will take place in phases over the next few years in an attempt by the company to consolidate its operations and unify its brand identity.

Following the 2018 majority acquisition of the former Chevron SA – Caltex’s parent company – by commodities giant, Glencore SA Oil Investments, Astron Energy has been operating Caltex under a license agreement.

Guided by extensive public research and the tracking of innovative market trends in retail fuel, Astron Energy has promised a fresh branding campaign that features new offerings and experiences in both fuel and non-fuel retail for customers.

“We’re adapting to the changing competitor landscape and our customers’ needs,” stated the Marketing Head for Astron Energy, Cambridge Mokonyane, who added, “We’re innovating and unlocking value for all our stakeholders and making sure the customer experience is front and center in our new strategy to become the largest player in South Africa.”

“This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine and reinvent ourselves as a leading African energy company with a proud legacy and a very promising future,” stated Astron Energy’s acting CEO, Braam Smit. “Astron Energy has a deep commitment to Africa, its people, and the development of the continent.”

The rebranding campaign will include Caltex’s refinery in Cape Town, its lubricant manufacturing plant in Durban, as well as 15 terminals, 180 commercial and industrial sites, and the company’s regional corporate facilities.

The name Caltex is a portmanteau of the two merging companies that formed the brand, Standard Oil of California, and the Texas Oil Company, with its famous star logo deriving from Texas’ state symbol.

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Matthew Goosen

Matthew Goosen

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