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Hyphen Unveils ESG Framework for Namibia Green Hydrogen Project

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The Namibian government and green energy firm Hyphen Hydrogen Energy (Hyphen) have launched a socio-economic development framework for the country’s $10 billion green hydrogen project.

The framework – which has been placed under public consultation for a period of 3 months – highlights employment creation as well as infrastructure and skills development opportunities associated with the project for the local people and economies.

Presidential Economic Advisor for Namibian Government, James Mnyupe, said: “The hydrogen projects will anchor the construction of thousands of houses, new roads, port facilities, electricity transmission lines, pipelines, desalination plants, hospitals, among other necessary infrastructure making use of existing Namibian skill sets and service providers.”

Hyphen estimates that the project will create 15,000 new jobs during the construction phase and up to 3,000 permanent jobs during both the construction and operational phases. The project will boost local companies and various sectors with 30% procurement of goods and services set to be done locally.

He added that the initiative will help local small-to-medium enterprises to generate revenue required to create sustainable businesses within the country’s expanding renewable energy industry.

Toni Beukes, Head of Environment, Social and Governance at Hyphen stated that the framework will enable cooperation between the company and central, regional and local governments in developing solutions ensuring Namibia’s renewables prospects are exploited in an equitable and sustainable manner that delivers value to the local people.

 “It’s our ambition that this project and manner of setting socio-economic commitments for the project will set a new global benchmark for the sustainable and equitable development of large-scale green hydrogen projects that puts inclusive economics and robust environmental sustainability at its heart,” Beukes said.

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Nicholas Nhede

Nicholas Nhede

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