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Husk Power Systems Doubles Hybrid Solar Mini-Grid Fleet in Nigeria

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Rural energy services company, Husk Power Systems, has commissioned six additional hybrid solar mini-grids in Nigeria’s Nasarawa State, providing clean energy to households as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises.

The company is now present in 12 communities, effectively doubling its fleet of solar hybrid mini-grids throughout the West African country.

At full capacity, the 12 mini-grids, each with a capacity of 50 kWp, will benefit approximately 50,000 people in rural communities while displacing roughly 50% of diesel generators and reducing energy costs by at least 30%.

With plans to commission an additional eight solar mini-grids by early-2023, Husk Power Systems currently has a pipeline of up to 100 such installations for future development.

“Doubling our net-zero microgrid portfolio in less than a year is a testament to Husk’s ability to play an important role in Nigeria’s Energy Transition Plan and its goal of providing energy for all within this decade,” stated Husk Power Systems Country Manager for Nigeria, Olu Aruike, adding, “With the continued support of our host communities, governments at all levels and other partners, we will create a rural energy platform to help off-grid and low-grid communities reach their full economic potential.”

The solar mini-grids were commissioned by the nationwide energy access initiative, the Nigeria Electrification Project, a federal government scheme held under the statutory body, the Rural Electrification Agency and funded by the World Bank.

Husk Power Systems’ first series of mini-grids were launched in November 2021, with the company having launched earlier this year its Nigeria Sunshot Initiative, which will target the addition of a minimum of 500 sites by 2026. The Initiative will bring clean, reliable energy to over two million people in Nigeria while displacing approximately 25,000 diesel generators.

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Matthew Goosen

Matthew Goosen

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