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High Level Delegation Inaugurates IGEO Laboratory and National Diamond Laboratory of Angola

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H.E. Minister Diamantino Azevedo, Minister of Mineral Resources, Petroleum and Gas.

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A delegation of high-ranking dignitaries from Angola’s Ministry of Mineral Resources, Petroleum and Gas (MIREMPET) led by H.E. Minister Diamantino Azevedo inaugurated the Geological Institute of Angola’s (IGEO) new Geoscientific Laboratory in the Lunda Sul province on Monday. It is the third facility of its kind as guided by the framework of Angola’s National Geology Plan, PLANAGEO.

The laboratory is 3,463m2 across three buildings and consists of a physical preparation area, chemical analysis facilities and a cafeteria. The main objective of the new laboratory is to conduct geoscientific analysis in fields such as petrology and mineralogy, geochemistry, hydrology and geotechnics.

The cutting-edge facility includes analysis equipment that enables the laboratory to ensure the highest degree of precision and the most accurate results to analyze rock samples, minerals, soil, water as well as 78 of the elements of the periodic table.

During the same visit, another key facility for Angola’s mineral industry was also inaugurated namely, the National Diamond Laboratory of Angola – which is owned by the national diamond company of Angola, Endiama, and was completed in partnership with IGEO.

The facility supports analysis in petrology, mineralogy and geochemistry. It is fully-equipped to prepare and analyze samples of kimberlitic and alluvial material necessary for prospecting activity throughout Angola.

H.E. Minister Azevedo noted during the inauguration ceremonies that “the reforms implemented in Angola’s mining sector have contributed to an overall improved business environment, and other measures are still underway to continue increasing the overall competitiveness and innovation of Angola’s mineral industry.”

These two newly inaugurated facilities represent significant advancement of the technical and scientific infrastructure that the Angolan authorities are establishing to ensure the sustainable development of mineral resources in Angola.

Angola Oil & Gas 2022

Representing the country’s official energy event, AOG 2022, in partnership with the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources of Angola, will take place in Luanda on 29-30 of November and December 1st, 2022.

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