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HDF to Develop Green Hydrogen Power Plant in Namibia

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Nicolas Lecomte, HDF Energy Namibia representative, stated that “The Renewstable power plant is designed to provide a range of services including on-demand dispatchable energy, load following, system protection, grid support and system restoration. It also promises long-term energy storage and backup capabilities.”

Swakopmund’s advantageous location makes it possible to desalinate ocean water for use in a variety of processes, including topping up water levels and cleaning solar PV panels. This opens possibilities for harnessing desalinated water to support side activities and maximize resource utilization for the local community.

Beyond power generation, Renewstable includes a green mobility demonstrator, reflecting HDF Energy’s commitment to renewable energy and hydrogen technology.

“The anticipated infrastructure is robust and focused on bankability, with HDF Energy partnering with various financial institutions for a non-recourse financing agreement,” Lecomte added.

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Thaakira Samodien

Thaakira Samodien

Thaakira Samodien is a strategic content writer at Energy Capital and Power. She has a shared passion for writing and is an advocate for the growth and development of African Nations