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Fugro Completes Ultra-Deepwater Surveys Offshore Namibia

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Geodata company Fugro has completed environmental and geophysical surveys in Namibia’s ultra-deep water under its contract with Portuguese energy company Galp. Fieldwork was officially completed at the beginning of this month.

Using the Fugro Venturer vessel, the company collected sediment samples for environmental and chemical analysis, with the survey reaching depths of 2,000 meters. An autonomous vehicle captured seabed video footage, while Fugro also acquired in-situ full ocean depth water profiles and water samples. 

The samples will be used to measure the current biodiversity. With the data, Fugro will be able to identify potentially sensitive habitats and generate a greater understanding of remote seamounts. This information will aid in project planning and resource management. 

Fugro Commercial Director for Africa, Rob Hawkins, stated that the company’s “expertise in deep water surveying and identifying protected habitats supports sustainable and efficient offshore energy developments while minimizing negative impacts on the marine environment.”

Galp’s assets in Namibia include PEL 23 in the Walvis Basin and PEL 28 in the Orange Basin.

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Charné Hollands

Charné Hollands

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