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Floating Wind Farms to be Explored in South Africa

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Image: Dave Snowdon

South African renewable energy company Genesis Eco-Energy Developments and Swedish developer of floating wind farms Hexicon AB have entered into a partnership to develop large-scale floating wind farms offshore South Africa.

Genesis Eco-Energy Developments and Hexicon AB said the program would be accomplished through a South African joint venture (JV) named GenesisHexicon. Hexicon will transfer intellectual property to the South African market for its patented floating multi-turbine wind platforms and contribute to the country’s goal to develop its ocean-based economy.

“As one of South Africa’s pioneering wind energy development companies, the logical progression for Genesis will be to focus offshore along South Africa’s coastline, which has abundant unexplored resources,” said Davin Chown, Managing Director of Genesis Eco-Energy Developments.

The offshore energy generation project is part of Operation Phakisa; a wider program that seeks to develop shipping, aquaculture, marine tourism and offshore oil and gas exploration. The program focuses on unlocking the economic potential of South Africa’s oceans, which could contribute up to R177-billion to the country’s GDP by 2033.

“This is an ideal opportunity to explore the deployment of this innovative floating wind technology from Hexicon. Now is the right time to start to develop the South African offshore wind energy market and contribute to Operation Phakisa,” he added.

According to South Africa’s Department of Energy, the country’s total domestic electricity generation capacity is 51 309 MW from thermal power stations and renewable energy sources.

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