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Energy Capital & Power (ECP) is delighted to announce that the South Sudan Oil & Power (SSOP) 2023 exhibition conference – sixth edition and one of the longest running events organized by ECP – will be held in Juba from June 14 to 16, 2023.

The organizer is proud to work with the Ministry of Petroleum, Ministry of Energy and Dams and other ministries to produce this important national event. 

Positioning South Sudan as the focal point of oil exploration and production, innovation and energy cooperation in East Africa, the SSOP invites investors to seize the opportunities offered by the upstream sectors , midstream, gas, mining, energy, commercial, services and infrastructure of South Sudan. As the country continues to stabilize and grow, now is the time to initiate and advance critical investments.

In recent months, South Sudan has emerged as a central player in regional energy cooperation, attracting the interest of major players in the oil and gas sector, including a recent visit from the Ministry of Energy. Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Affairs in October and the announcement on December 12, 2022, of Savannah Energy’s investment in the country. South Sudan is looking to global partners – as well as regional counterparts in the Nile Basin and the East African Community – to harness its abundant natural resources and drive infrastructure development across the country. the energy value chain.

“South Sudan is entering a new phase of its growth and development. Global partners such as the United States, United Kingdom, China, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Norway, Egypt , Turkey and other countries are reassessing opportunities in the country based on energy market needs and conditions on the ground. SSOP 2023 will connect South Sudan with regional and global stakeholders, by turning this early interest into tangible, industry-friendly deals. We are honored to return to Juba for a sixth edition that promises new deals, new investments and new relationships,” says Laila Bastati, Managing Director of the ECP.

Last year’s edition of the SSOP focused on South Sudan’s role as East Africa’s only major oil producer, and was held under the theme “The Gateway to East African energy. Due to its strategic geographic location, which connects the Nile Basin and the Rift Valley, South Sudan represents the logical center of exploration and services for the entire East African oil industry and the Nile Basin, which is also home to emerging producers like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Uganda and Kenya.

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