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Energy Capital & Power Announces Partnership with ANPG for Angola Oil & Gas 2022

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Laila Bastati, Managing Director, Energy Capital & Power and Paulino Jerónimo, President, ANPG

Laila Bastati, Managing Director, Energy Capital & Power and Paulino Jerónimo, President, Angolan Agency for Oil, Gas and Biofuels.

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  • Energy Capital & Power (ECP), the leading investment platform for the African energy sector, is proud to announce its partnership with ANPG for the highly anticipated Angola Oil & Gas 2022 (AOG) conference and exhibition.
  • Representing the country’s official energy event, AOG 2022, in partnership with the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources of Angola, will take place in Luanda on 29-30 of November and December 1st, 2022.
  • The high-level event will feature market-centered discussions led by ANPG, with the organizations’ executives and technical staff providing critical insight into the country’s lucrative investment opportunities.

Energy Capital & Power (ECP) is proud to announce that it has signed a partnership agreement with Angola’s National Agency for Oil, Gas and Biofuels (ANPG) for the upcoming Angola Oil and Gas (AOG) 2022 International Conference and Exhibition. Taking place in Luanda and representing the third edition, AOG 2022 builds upon the success of previous high-level events held in Angola over the course of 2019 and 2021.

Angola is already a major player in sub-Saharan Africa’s hydrocarbon sector with a current production capacity of around 1.1 million barrels of oil per day and 17,904.5 million cubic feet of natural gas. As the country’s national concessionaire and the exclusive holder of mineral rights for oil and gas exploration and production, the ANPG is focused on accelerating E&P activity with the aim of enhancing energy security and competitiveness. In this respect, the ANPG will continue granting oil and gas concessions from today up until 2025, with work firmly underway towards awarding more than 50 exploration blocks from Angola’s deep waters to shallow basins.

In addition to oil and gas, the ANPG is also actively working to expand the country’s biofuels sector to support the ongoing transition to cleaner sources of energy and decrease Angola’s reliance on fossil fuels. By developing the biofuels sector and promoting sub-sector opportunities such as gas-to-power, the ANPG is committed to a clean energy future in Angola.

“This new partnership between ANPG and ECP will undoubtedly improve upon our existing collaboration and have an important impact in defining the priority topics of discussion that are currently driving the industry’s growth to be showcased at Angola Oil & Gas 2022, as well as strengthening alignment on the technical side regarding the high-level event’s potential to promote Angola’s oil blocks to international investors,” states Mr. Paulino Jerónimo, President of the Board of ANPG, adding that “The activity of the ANPG, established in 2019, is a crucial example of the many steps being taken today throughout Angola to help modernize and improve the overall governance of Angola’s energy sector.”

ECP Managing Director Laila Bastati, notes that “ECP is particularly grateful to have the strong support and guidance from our local partner ANPG in Angola. The country is undoubtedly one of the most important destinations for oil and gas exploration and production given its strategic importance as the second-largest oil and gas producer on the continent. As partners, ECP and ANPG will continue working together to promote Angola’s energy assets and further drive energy development and new investment into the country’s E&P industry.”

Aligning with the government of Angola’s agenda to promote new investments in the energy sector as the country moves to ramp up exploration and production, AOG 2022, led by the ANPG, will showcase some of the major projects underway across the country’s onshore and offshore fields.

ECP recognizes Angola as strategic player that will play a major role in shaping sub-Saharan Africa’s oil and gas sector for many years to come, and as such, ECP is strongly committed to the country, not just for this high-level event taking place in 2022, but for the long-term as a strategic partner for all of the key stakeholders such as ANPG. ECP is currently active in Angola producing the in-depth report Africa Energy Series: Angola 2022 which will be distributed at the upcoming conference.

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