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Dubai Investments Enters Angola with Mixed-Use Development

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UAE-based multi-asset investment group, Dubai Investments, has announced plans to develop an integrated residential, commercial and industrial hub in Angola.

The project – Dubai Investments Park (DIP) – represents the company’s first in Africa and will be built on 2,000 hectares in the Dande Municipality in Bengo Province.

“DIP Angola presents a prime prospect for investors seeking diversification and business expansion within a burgeoning economy that holds immense potential for large-scale industries, providing direct pathways to extensive markets across the broader African landscape,” said Khalid Bin Kalban, Vice Chairman and CEO of Dubai Investments.

The firm says it will incorporate smart water management, renewable energy and future-proof sustainable solutions to ensure compliance with the standards and regulations of Angola’s Ministry of Environment and the United Nations’ Sustainability Goals.

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Nicholas Nhede

Nicholas Nhede

Nicholas is an energy sector journalist with a passion on how technology and diversification of the energy mix can be used to address energy sector challenges. Nicholas holds a diploma in Journalism and Communication studies and has been covering energy-related topics including the Internet of Things, distributed energy and digitalisation since 2015.