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Drilling Recommences at Kinetiko Energy’s Korhaan Project in South Africa

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Australian energy exploration company, Kinetiko Energy, has resumed drilling operations at its Korhaan Project in South Africa at three of its wells, namely Korhaan-3, Korhaan-4, and Korhaan-5. The resumption follows the return to site of drill rigs B21 and B16, along with operational crews.

Drilling for the Korhaan-3, Korhaan-4, and Korhaan-5 wells, using the logging technique, will be carried out in January alongside the planned flow test on Korhaan-4. In addition, plans are in place for multi-day well testing to ensure the aggregation of accurate data and updated resource reporting. Already, the interpretation of key aeromagnetic survey data has commenced, following data acquisition from the survey.

For Korhaan-4, successful completion of drilling from 130 meters to 443 meters has seen preliminary gas flows established under choked (or limited fluid velocity) conditions. Specialized drilling tools, such as the gamma ray, neutron and optical televiewer are scheduled for use to accurately identify locations of water and to establish stratigraphy (classification of sedimentary deposit layers).

For ideal pressure and flow rate state stability establishment in low-perm conditions, expected timelines given by Kinetiko Energy are over a period of at least one week. Informed by the results of the strength of flow rates and groundwater fractures, the company can then finalize plans to roll-out an ideally responsive completion solution. This would include only the gassy zones being cased and perforated – in order to increase flow rates and reduce water ingress (or infiltration).

For Korhaan- 5, the cement plug or float shoe will be drilled out at drill rig B16 and move immediately into the production section of the well to terminal depth.

Korhaan-3 will see Kinetiko Energy shift drill rig B21 to its site, after the B21 drill rig completes cleanout and being on standby drilling for Korhaan-4. Cleanout will then be conducted to a depth of 102 meters ahead of finishing the shallower or surface sections to approximately 130-150 meters.

This same surface section will be cased and cemented, with a Cement Bond Log and Verticality Check Run expected to be performed. Such work will ensure the finalization of operations on the well. After the cement fully cures and logs are run, drilling of the plug and shoe will be done and the well will advance as the drilling reaches target depts. Lessons learned indicate that air is best used for this process, as opposed to mud due to penetration rates being more desirable with air. This also assists with well control purposes.

The well test on Korhaan-5 will be undertaken similarly to Korhaan-4, which will involve running a pump into the well to draw water and allowing for a maximum comingled gas flow.

For next phase completions, the barefoot testing results are expected to provide a standard or benchmark through which Kinetiko Energy can measure the results of a post-perforation flow test. This would facilitate the management of water infiltration and mitigation of downhole-choked gas flow.

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Matthew Goosen

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