Djibouti Inks Deal to Deploy 10 GW of Renewables, Green Hydrogen

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The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Djibouti has entered into an agreement with renewable energy company CWP Global to implement a large-scale renewable energy and green hydrogen project.

The agreement will pave the way for the development of 10 GW of renewable energy and green hydrogen capacity to meet the country’s energy demand, while prioritizing a clean and sustainable future energy supply.

The green hydrogen project is part of the government’s efforts to diversify its energy mix, create jobs and drive industry expansion and GDP growth through exports to regional and international markets, according to a press statement.

Mark Crandall, Chairman of CWP Global, stated that the project is aligned with the government’s “Vision 2035 economic plan, which prioritizes closer cooperation with regional neighbors, including Ethiopia, where there is great scope for collaboration on green energy and an opportunity to build a thriving new commercial hub at the mouth of the Red Sea.”  

In addition, CWP Global and the Government of Djibouti will partner to “provide secure potable water supplies to local communities, further develop local and regional agriculture,” according to Crandall.

Alex Hewitt, CEO of CWP Global, added that “momentum is building quickly on the African continent to pursue massive-scale renewables and green fuels,” and CWP Global will leverage its experience to “move quickly and collaboratively in developing this project in Djibouti, a country blessed with outstanding natural resources and a highly strategic location.”

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Nicholas Nhede

Nicholas Nhede

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