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China and Algeria Embark on 6,000km Railway Project

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President Tebboune stressed the need for railroad infrastructure development as the “best guarantee of development.” The key goals are to enhance mining extraction, increase commerce, and develop economic life in Algeria.

President Tebboune made the statement during his official visit to China, during which the two nations inked more than a dozen cooperation agreements in a variety of industries, including aerospace, agriculture, energy, railway transportation, research, and technology.

This massive railway project ushers in a new chapter in China-Algeria cooperation, promising revolutionary economic development for both countries and the wider African area.

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Anne Laure Klein

Anne Laure Klein

Anne-Laure Klein works as a field editor for Energy Capital & Power. She graduated in Political Science with a Master's degree in International Relations and geopolitics. Before joining ECP, she worked as a Senior Account manager for International Tech and Energy companies. She is from French, Syrian and Italian descent, and fluently speaks English, French, Spanish and Italian. On a personal level, she is a seasoned traveler and has visited more than 110 countries.