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Bolloré signs 4-year Logistics Contract with Assala Energy in Gabon

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French logistics giant Bolloré Transport & Logistics has been awarded a four-year contract by Assala Energy to supply light transport vehicles for the company’s oil operations, thereby expanding its footprint in Gabon.

“The company will ensure the implementation of dedicated light transport services on the oil production sites in Gamba, Rabi, Toukan, and Koula, for the crude oil producer Assala Energy,” said Bolloré.

The contract specifies that more than 100 pick-up vehicles, busses, and light commercial vehicles will be deployed at all of these sites, where they will be operated and maintained for a period of four years.

In Gabon, Assala Energy is considered the second-largest oil producer after Total. The company operates five licenses there (Rabi Kounga II, Toucan II, Bende M’Bassou Totou II, Koula / Damier, and Gamba / Ivinga) and has interests in four other licenses which it operates as a subcontractor: Atora, Avocette, Coucal, and Tsiengui. In 2019, the company acquired three onshore exploration permits (Mutamba-Iroru II, Nziembou II, and Ozigo II), thus opening up new development opportunities.

Since arriving in Gabon at the end of 2017, Assala Energy has drilled more than ten new wells and carried out 44 well replacements. The company has invested over $300 million in asset redevelopment, infrastructure integrity, and maintenance, and security.

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