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BLUBOX, Afrika Umoja Partner to Combat the Spread of COVID-19

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  • Afrika Umoja is an official supplier of BLUBOX.
  • BLUBOX is a designer and manufacturer of pathogen neutralizing equipment.
  • All BLUBOX units are locally produced, which will enable employment opportunities.

BLUBOX, a designer and manufacturer of pathogen neutralizing equipment, has partnered with Afrika Umoja to develop a solution to assist with effective pathogen elimination in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Afrika Umoja is an initiative initiated by temporary architecture specialists HOTT3D with pan-African energy event organizer Africa Oil & Power (AOP), that aims to build temporary hospitals, clinics and homeless shelters to combat COVID-19 in partnership with government, the private sector and local entrepreneurs.

“By utilizing the skillsets of the BLUBOX team we are able to combine an existing technology into a market-friendly delivery mechanism. The end result is the first three editions in our product range including readily available office, home and junior BLUBOX units for homes and businesses,” says Liam Beattie, Co-Founder of BLUBOX.

Research shows that the correct frequency UVC light is an extremely effective method to neutralize a wide range of pathogens in less time than traditional methods. Comprising high quality aluminum, metal finishes and fittings, BLUBOX ensures minimal degradation when exposed to UVC light, unlike the effect on plastics.

BLUBOX can easily design and manufacture bespoke units in any size and finish to suit the user’s exact needs. Already in development are additional units that can service different industries, including, but not limited to, restaurants, optometrists, doctors, laboratories, construction and delivery companies. All BLUBOX units are locally produced, which will enable employment opportunities as well as assisting a long supply chain to develop and grow alongside BLUBOX.

“We are very excited about this incredible product; it is so easy to use and user friendly. Afrika Umoja is happy to provide businesses and national and provincial governments with solutions for the challenge of distributing products to help keep their workplaces and homes clean,” says Katie Brock, Director for Afrika Umoja.

Contact Katie Brock at if your organization is interested in working with Afrika Umoja to build medical or accommodation facilities fast in your community, or if your organization is interested in providing funding. 

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