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AOP 2019 Presentations

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The Africa Oil & Power 2019 conference and exhibition, concluded on Friday, 11 October with various presentations by keynote speakers and industry experts.
Download presentations to read about what was covered.

Day 1

  • Download Bambili’s presentation here

Day 2

  • Download Noble Energy’s presentation here
  • Download SASOL’s presentation here
  • Download Energy & Natural Resources Security, Inc (ENRS)’s presentation  here
  • Download CSIR’s presentation here
  • Download Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme (IPPPP)’s presentation here

Day 3

  • Download International Association of Geophysical Contractors’ presentation here

Missed AOP 2019’s 3D Presentations? Look no further, you can watch and download them below:

Diversification outlook 3D Presentation

Exploration & Production 3D Presentation 

Financial outlook 3D Presentation

Hope for Bioko 3D Presentation 


Power Outlook 3D Presentation 


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