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Angola Open to Chinese Investment in Renewables

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Angolan Ambassador to China, João Salvador dos Santos Neto, has invited Chinese investors and business people to invest in the Angolan renewable energy sector in a bid to boost the production of solar and wind power and biodiesel, as well as subsequent manufacturing activities.

Speaking at the International Conference on Energy Cooperation in Beijing, dos Santos Neto stated that these resources can enable further socio-economic development and therefore, productive exploitation can push Angola and other African countries to diversify their energy supply and achieve greater energy efficiency.

“Angola has many natural energy resources, including oil, gas, solar, wind and water sources,” stated dos Santos Neto. “However, it still lacks investment for the sustainable exploitation of this potential, taking into account industrialization, digitalization, regional integration, and the need to respond to the challenges of globalization.”

Having already invested in developing new sources of electricity generation in transport, distribution and energy management, the Angolan government is pushing for further investment in infrastructure.

“In addition to oil and gas, Angola also has other important natural sources that Chinese investors can explore and produce renewable energy for,” stated He Zhenwei, Secretary General of the China Oversees Development Association.

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