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Angola’s Benguela Province Ready for Investments, Says Governor

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The governor of Benguela, Luis Nunes, has urged local businesses in Angola to invest in the region and capitalize on the diverse opportunities presented by the coastal province across multiple sectors including agriculture, fishing and salt production.

This strategic move aims to foster economic growth and strengthen the nation’s economy by offering revenue and foreign currency generation streams, he said.

“We appeal to national businesspeople to invest in the province because we have everything to succeed”, Nunes said.

The call by the governor follows a visit made by Angolan President, H.E João Lourenço and the Presidents of the Democratic Republic of Congo – H.E Felix Tshisekedi – and Zambia – H.E Hakainde Hichilema – to explore the Lobito Corridor project in Benguela after the signing of a contract with the project developers Trafigura, Vecturis and Mota Engil.

The Lobito Corridor is an African Development Bank-funded trade facilitation project which will enable the transportation of goods between Zambia, the DRC, Angola and both continental and international markets.

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Nicholas Nhede

Nicholas Nhede

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