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AMEA Power to Expand Togo Solar Plant to 70MW

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Togo is set to host West Africa’s largest solar power plant with renewable energy company, AMEA Power, expanding the generation capacity of the Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Solar Power Plant.

The upgrade of the system will see an increase in capacity from 50 MW to 70 MW while allowing the addition of a 4MWh battery energy storage system, thereby creating the largest facility of its type in the region.

The expansion represents the third phase of the project, with the first two stages developed by AMEA Power in just 18 months. While the plant has been operational since June 2021, the expansion – made possible with a $25 million loan from the Abu Dhabi Exports Office – will ensure up to 222,000 households are provided access to reliable, clean and affordable electricity, according to a press statement.

With the financing agreement signed in November 2022, construction for the expansion has officially been started by AMEA Power subsidiary, AMEA Technical Services.

“This project would not be possible without the support of the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, Abu Dhabi Exports Office, and the Togolese government,” stated Hussain Al Nowais, AMEA Power Chairman, adding that, “Through their support, AMEA Power is able to become a global champion for the UAE and further demonstrate the country’s commitment to the global energy transition.

With the Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Solar Power Plant part of Togo’s National Development Plan, the modernization will help support the economic and social development of Togo while helping the country to mitigate climate change.

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Nicholas Nhede

Nicholas Nhede

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