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Algerian LNG Attracts Interest from Bangladesh

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Bangladesh has expressed strong interest in importing Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from Algeria, given the country’s rising energy demands.

During a meeting with his Algerian counterpart Ahmed Attaf, Bangladesh’s Foreign Minister Dr. Ak Abdul Momen emphasized the critical significance that partnerships between the two countries may play in properly tackling this energy crisis. As such, Algeria and Bangladesh are actively developing a time-bound plan to strengthen collaboration, particularly in growing areas of mutual interest.

In addition to LNG, areas of potential cooperation include pharmaceuticals, Information Technology, defense, construction and agriculture.

Algeria’s expanding LNG exports and collaborations, such as the one with Bangladesh, are positioned to boost its position in the global energy scene. Algerian gas is of significance to more than only Bangladesh. Following the war in Ukraine, Algeria has sought Italy to strengthen key energy relations.

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Anne Laure Klein

Anne Laure Klein

Anne-Laure Klein works as a field editor for Energy Capital & Power. She graduated in Political Science with a Master's degree in International Relations and geopolitics. Before joining ECP, she worked as a Senior Account manager for International Tech and Energy companies. She is from French, Syrian and Italian descent, and fluently speaks English, French, Spanish and Italian. On a personal level, she is a seasoned traveler and has visited more than 110 countries.