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AfDB Backs Burundi’s Water Security and Sanitation Services Program

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The African Development Bank (AfDB) has provided Burundi with $13.15 million in funding for the implementation of phase 1 of the Water Sector and Climate Resilience Building Support Program designed to boost access to secure and sustainable drinking water and sanitation services.

The AfDB funding will be combined with $1.75 million raised by the government of Burundi and $170,947 provided by the Global Center on Adaptation.

The funding will help create 18 sustainable energy-powered water supply systems, 750 latrines and handwashing facilities, subsidize 4,500 water connections and boost climate action awareness among 315,000 people.

Burundi Minister of Water, Energy and Mines Ibrahim Uwizeye, said “For a long time, the water sector has been relatively neglected by partners, while needs have increased as a result of population growth, including in Gitega, the country’s new capital,” adding that the initiative will stimulate more investments into water projects by other partners and investors once launched in January 2024.

The funding will also support the implementation of technical, environmental and social impact studies for phase 2 of the initiative.

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Nicholas Nhede

Nicholas Nhede

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