Video: Promoting Investment in Mozambique Through Gas Transportation

Olivia Machel, CEO, African Renaissance Pipeline, expanded on the benefits of Mozambique’s immense natural resources, the value of transporting natural gas to the wider region and the ongoing drive for investment across energy and non-energy sectors in the country. Speaking to ECP in March, she highlighted that by prioritizing the development of transportation infrastructure, Mozambique can more effectively spur local benefits and value generation.

“The pipeline is a tool we wholeheartedly believe in,” stated Machel. “We believe it will bring great transformation to our country. Mozambique has minerals and more, but because of the lack of energy infrastructure, it has become impossible to reap the benefits of these resources at a local level.”  

Additionally, Machel explained the importance of retaining foreign direct investment in-country. By including provisions for the re-injection of capital into Mozambique’s economy, both local and regional populations can benefit from long-term infrastructure investments.   

“This will, at the regional level, incentivize investors from neighboring countries in the region to come to our nation to invest directly,” stated Machel. “Because if you have cheap energy and a port close by, why not?”  

Watch the video below:

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