DRC Awards Contract for Solar Mini Grid Development

Image: MarcoPolis

The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRC) Ministry of Energy and Hydraulic Resources has awarded the contract for the development and operation of three solar mini-grids for 25 years – known as the “Essor A2E” project – to a consortium comprising The Eranove Group, Gridworks and AEE Power Ventures.

The scope of the project – which includes the design, development, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of the mini-networks – will provide reliable, affordable and renewable operational electricity for 460,000 residents in the towns of Gemena, Bumba and Isiro in northern DRC.  

While the Eranove Group will be largely responsible for the operation, maintenance of production and distribution of electricity, Gridworks will focus on transport and off-grid distribution and AEE Power Ventures on operations. The Congolese Government launched an open call for tender on the project in January 2019.

“The presence of several actors on this project is more broadly one of the keys to success on a continent-wide scale because it allows to combine local, African and international expertise for the benefit of the populations and to provide tailor-made and adapted solutions. to the needs of each country,” said Marc Albérola, CEO, Eranove Group.

“The Eranove Group is very happy to be a stakeholder in this Essor project in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The mini-grids perfectly synthesize the virtuous model that the Group promotes on the continent since they make it possible to supply energy to areas that do not have it…to compensate for the infrastructure deficit while ensuring continuity of access to electricity and quality services,” Albérola added.

The Essor A2E project is part of a larger initiative from the Congolese Government, in partnership with the British Government, which aims to bring electricity to 23 additional communities and cut greenhouse gas emissions by 17% by 2030.


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